What makes me a “Can Do” real estate Mann?

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  1. I promise to tell you the truth about your property. I will give you my honest assessment of what your home is worth. I won’t mislead you about its value in order to get your listing or make you feel good. kickback
  2. I promise to disclose all my relationships in the transaction. If I am representing both the buyer and the seller, I am obligated to tell you. However, there are other kinds of relationships that may influence our business together, so if you’re thinking of buying my brother-in-law’s house, I’ll tell you that. If a vendor offers me a reward to suggest their product, I’ll tell you that too.
  3. I promise not to put my commission ahead of what’s best for you. Of course I earn more money if  you buy a home that pays me a 3% commission split rather than 2%. But if the 2% home is clearly right for you, I will encourage you to buy what’s best for you.
  4. I promise to respect your confidences. During the course of our working together, you may share personal, financial, and other confidential information with me. I will not disclose this information to anyone, nor will I use it to gain any kind of advantage in a transaction.
  5. I promise to show you all the available properties in your price range. Some Realtors may try to steer you toward their own or their company’s listings. I’ll show you any property that meets your needs, regardless of who has the listing.
  6. I promise to give you good advice. I deal with lenders, home inspectors, appraisers and countless other professionals on a regular basis. I can give you solid recommendations about these matters, if you need them, and if I think you might be making a bad choice, I’ll tell you.
  7. I promise not to push you into a bidding war. Real estate is a competitive business and there are offers and counter-offers that go on during any business deal. However, I will not encourage you to go beyond your maximum budget to buy a property. I won’t tell you that other people are interested in the property or about to make offers in order to get you to make a higher offer.
  8. I promise that you will understand what you’re signing. Any real estate deal involves a mountain of paperwork. You’ll be asked to sign all kinds of documents and I will explain them all and make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. I won’t get you into a time crunch so that you feel you don’t have time to read through the paperwork.
  9. I promise to tell you the truth about myself. I’ll provide you with information about my background, my training, and my experience as a Realtor. I won’t make any false claims. I’ll discuss my commissions and any other compensation I might receive as a result of our transaction.
  10. I promise to follow through and follow up. I don’t list and leave. I’ll discuss with you exactly how I work and what you can expect. I’ll communicate regularly and you’ll know everything that’s going on as soon as I know it. Even after we close the deal I’ll keep in touch, to be sure you’re still happy with the way things turned out.
  11. I promise to keep you legally protected. There’s a mountain of paperwork to sign in a transaction. I’ll make sure it’s complete and you’re protected.

 Larry Mann Bio

Larry Mann has been a Realtor since 1985 and a Real Estate Broker since 1998. That’s 28-years of valuable real estate experience! He subscribes to and endorses the Real Estate Code of Ethics. He has been honored as a Multi-Million Dollar producer. He earned a B.A. degree in Business Administration (Major) & Finance (Minor) from DePaul University. He learned real estate appraisal from the Society of Real Estate Appraisers and was awarded both the SRA (Senior Residential Appraiser designation) and General Real Estate Appraiser Designations.

Larry has first-hand experience selling all value levels of homes, condos, townhouses, golf course properties, retirement homes, horse properties, mountain preserve homes, apartment buildings, commercial, industrial properties and business interests.

Larry makes double sure all real estate disclosures, legal documents and appropriate forms have been exchanged. He ensures that all negotiations, the appraisal, inspections, appropriate responses and repairs to be done favor his client.

Larry Mann is active in his church. He’s currently the President of the Mesa East Lions. He serves at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, volunteers at Special Olympics competitions and ushers at ASU sporting events. He has served as a Big Brother with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, as a volunteer traffic reporter at KFLR 90.3 radio, YMCA Board Member and President of the Young Single Parent’s Organization.