MLS Search

MLS Search

To search the MLS using the same tools REALTORS© use:

  1. Enter any search criteria on you desire (zip code, property size, etc.) in the left column below.
  2. Then, click the “View Results” button, and a list with your results appears.
  3. To search in a larger browser window (instead of on this website), click HERE.

To learn more about your options, click the plus sign to the right: [weaver_showhide]

The Search tools at the bottom of this page enable you to find any properties in the MLS. If you click the “View Results” button without entering criteria, it will show all active listings in the entire MLS. After you click View Results, you can expand or narrow your search by clicking the Edit Search button or the Map tab. For example, enter a Zip code or draw a rectangle on the map after selecting the Map to further narrow your search. When you click View Results again, a List tab appears again with a list of the properties matching your criteria. After selecting as specific property in the list, you can view various details about it using the other tabs. You can learn more and see a demo about using these powerful tools, by clicking HERE to watch a brief video.

You can also setup your own personal “Portal” website for searching by clicking HERE. Having your own Portal allows you to do everything you can do on this page, PLUS save your searches and keep track of listings you like and dislike.

If you prefer to have our team do the searching for you, Contact Us. We’ll be happy to setup detailed searches that match all your needs and have them automatically emailed to you whenever new listings match what you’re looking for or changes occur in them.[/weaver_showhide]

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